The Main Conference at TEDx University of Glasgow 2018

The Countdown has begun for our TEDx University of Glasgow Conference 2018 - 'Press Pause to Begin' !

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3rd March 2018

10 am - 5 pm

Registration from 9am

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Talks from last year's Conference !

2018 Speakers !

Corien Staels - Entrepreneur

A young Belgian entrepreneur living in Glasgow, bringing innovation to the world of wheelchairs. While her studies might have prepared her for a career in fashion, she has since found herself in the healthcare market aiming to find solutions to age-old issues in the mobility industry. Corien will recount her journey to founding wheelAIR, before showing how together we can create a society accessible to everyone.

Kevin O'Dell - Professor of Behavioural Genetics

If you could sequence your DNA, what would you discover? Since scientist decoded the first human DNA sequence in 2001, hardly a day goes by without some (often negative) characteristic being claimed as a 'fault' to our DNA. Kevin will reveal what your DNA says about your health, family history, and other characteristics, and perhaps more importantly, what it doesn't.

Kay Davidson - Fashion Designer and Stylist

A fashion designer and stylist who has worked with leading British fashion designers before she started ASKAY style. Now she concentrates on sustainable fashion and helping people of all genders discover their own style DNA and increasing body positivity.

Jessica Argo - 3D Sound Designer

Dr. Jessica Argo is a 3D sound designer, installation artist, cellist and lecturer at the Glasgow School of Art. For her PhD, Jessica designed soundscapes to temporarily induce anxiety in listeners, to advance psychiatric Exposure Therapy beyond Virtual Reality techniques.

Ndeye Borso Tall - Social Activist

Ndeye Borso Tall is an independent social worker whose activism and 20 years of experience in community service motivated her to found the Young Advocates for Human Rights network in 2012. Her guiding ethos is her vision of a world in which human rights are promoted through quality education for all. She is currently a Chevening Scholar at the School of Social and Political Sciences, pursuing her mission to best support Education and empower African Youth.

Vicky Brock - Data Analytics Entrepreneur

As a serial entrepreneur - named by Forbes & Bloomberg as one of the "Top 9 Female Tech CEOs to Watch" and by Computer Weekly as one of the "Top 50 Women in IT" - Vicky thought she had experienced all the highs and lows of business. But after 5 years and 20,000 hours work, Vicky lost the job as CEO of the company she had founded, and learned what it really means to be an entrepreneur.

Ashleigh Willis - Neuroscientist

Ashleigh Willis is a Neuroscience PhD student at the University of Glasgow. Her research explores the neurodevelopment of schizophrenia, namely the interactions between various genetic and environmental risk factors for the disorder. While working at the 'micro' scale of molecules, Ashleigh noticed parallels between concepts in neuroscience, schizophrenia and our personal and societal interactions with online news-feeds at the 'macro' level.

Hussein El-Ajouz - Psychology and Business student

A young student with a background in business and psychology. Constantly trying to understand modern consumerism and the underlying motivations and consequences behind every click they make in the virtual world.

Frank Quitely - World Renowned Comic Book Artist

Frank is known for his work on characters such as the X-Men, Superman, and Batman. He has studied & lectured, at Glasgow School of Art, exhibited at the Hunterian Gallery and Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum, and received an honorary doctorate from the University of Glasgow.

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