TEDxUniversityofGlasgow 2017 official event photo

'One Step Further' - TEDx Conference 2017

"One small step for a man, a giant leap for mankind" - the first man to take a step on the surface of the moon, Neil Armstrong.

Now sit back and imagine that you have completed a task. A task that has been sitting on your to-do list: a deadline that you met, a research project that you wrote up, a trip that you have finished. You can cross it over and mark as 'done' . It has been completed, it is in the past, you can move forward.

Imagine a world where this is the only routine, where people only meet deadlines, cross out the completed projects and move on to what ' s next on their to-do list. There are no innovations, surprises, failures, no ups and downs, no life lessons, no discoveries, and yes - exactly - no TED talks! All these things happen when we take a step further . When deadlines and projects do not confine us to simply complete them and move on. Only when we take one step further is when the magic happens. That's where the road to innovation, discovery, surprise, improvement and progress begin.

Just like many things in life taking one step further is an act that is relative. One step further can be everything from a shy individual getting up on a stage to someone embarking on a journey to the outer space. It is therefore about breaking boundaries. Taking a one step further is also in the little things and not just the ' big, historical steps ' : challenging the norm in everyday life, setting personal goals, being truly dedicated to a cause and fighting for it.

It is behind the door that opens when the task becomes more than a task, when a goal requires going beyond the limits, when a vision requires more than available tools, that's when we need to go one step further - beyond comfort zones, habits, subject areas and conventional methods. When we need to make our own, new path, in order to make that vision come true, to solve that puzzle, to figure it out. All in an attempt to better understand the world and make it a better place.

TEDx University of Glasgow 2017

In March 2017, at the annual TEDx University of Glasgow conference, we intend to showcase a number of speakers who have taken, or are on the verge of taking, one step further - in their lives, careers, hobbies, research and more. We aim to inspire and persuade our audience that one step further opens doors to new fields, lifestyles, innovations and discoveries by illustrating our motivation with examples brought by the extraordinary people sharing their stories on our stage.