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TEDxUniversityofGlasgowSalon: Launch Party

Come Celebrate the Launch of Our Main Event !

Time : 18.00 - 22.00, 8th February 2018

Venue : TBC, University of Glasgow

Speakers :


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TEDxUniversityofGlasgowSalon: Open Auditions

Want an exclusive sneak peek of TEDxUniversityofGlasgow speakers before the main conference?

After reviewing community speaker applications and selecting the best, we invite you to attend our open auditions where the final decision will be made!

Each speaker will present a short taster of their talk, after which the audience can cast their vote on who they would like to see at the main conference on March 3rd 'Press Pause To Begin'.

Tickets can be bought through the link below or at our stall on January 11th at the Refreshers Fair in the GUU. Buy Tickets

Time : 18.00 - 20.00, 16th January 2018

Venue : Sir Charles Wilson Building, University of Glasgow

Ticket Price : £ 3

Speakers : Various

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TEDxUniversityofGlasgowSalon: Destress Event

Join the TEDxUniversityofGlasgow Salon team for the best de-stress combination around: meditation, laughs and TED talks. The sessions are completely independent of each other, so feel free to attend both or just one of them.

Session 1: 18.00-18.45 Features a workshop with Ross Anderson, otherwise known as the Motivational Dude. He will show us a variety of quick and easy de-stress techniques and share some tips and tricks for a lighter head.

Session 2: 18.45-19.30 We will start with a screening of some quality TED talks and finish it with a Headspace meditation. It will make you laugh, learn, relax, and - most importantly - prepare you to get back to the real world with a clear and refreshed mind.

Time : 18.00 - 19.30, 5th December 2017

Venue : Boyd Orr Room 507, University of Glasgow

Speakers :

  • Motivational Dude
  • TED Talks Screening

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TEDxUniversityofGlasgowSalon: All Kinds of Minds

TEDxUniversityofGlasgowSalon welcomes you to the second Salon event of this year: 'All Kinds of Minds'

Mental health awareness has improved significantly in the last few years, yet the stigma surrounding it continues to be a major challenge in the lives of those who suffer from mental health conditions. According to the Mental Health Foundation, 1 in 6 people in the past week have experienced a common mental health problem, however only a small proportion seek help.

Join the discussion at our exclusive mini-conference where we will explore the lives of people with 'All Kinds of Minds'.

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Time : 18.00 - 19.30, 9th November 2017

Venue : Sir Charles Wilson Building, University of Glasgow

Speakers :

  • Judith Stevenson : "What the Pluck ?"
  • Elliot Porter : "Responding to the Stigma of Psychosis"
  • Andrew Gumley : "The Cost of Feeling Something"

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TEDxUniversityofGlasgowSalon: Humans Need Not Apply

TEDxUniversityofGlasgowSalon welcomes you to the first Salon event of this year: 'Humans Need Not Apply'

In recent years human society has been hit by this rather strange force: automation. As we introduce this force into more and more parts of our world, it remains to be seen whether it will deprive us all of jobs or whether it will lead to a future free of labour and full of abundance.

We invite you to join us at this exclusive mini-conference where humans from across the disciplines weigh in on this discussion, in its severity, its potential and its consequences. It may very well be that, for the jobs of the future, humans need not apply but at least for this salon humans are still welcome (please apply!)

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Time : 18.00 - 19.30, 10th October 2017

Venue : Kelvin Building Lecture Theatre, University of Glasgow

Speakers :

  • Dr Alessandro Vinciarelli : "Can a robot read our mind ?"
  • Alexandre Cohen : "Robotic Revolution"
  • Katerina Manoli : "Engines of creation: a future written for us but without us"

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